Maurice Horn


M Library 2009

vol. 2


UCLA Library 2010

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D. G.

BRITO E CUNHA, JOSÉ CARLOS DE (1884-1950) Brazilian cartoonist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1884. After art studies in Rio, Jose de Brito started his career as a cartoonist on O Tagarela in 1902. Alternately using pen-and-ink, crayon and etching techniques, “J. Carlos” (as he signed his works) became one of the most prolific and admired cartoonists in Brazil. J. Carlos’s long career spanned almost half a century, with contributions to all the major publications in Brazil. From 1902 to 1921, his most fecund period as a cartoonist, he worked successively or simultaneously for the following Rio magazines: O Tagarela (1902-03); A Avenida (1903-04); O Malho, Século XX, Leitura para Todos and O Tico-Tico (1905-07); Fon-Fon!

… such as A Cigarra, A Vida Moderna, Illustração Brasileira, Cinearte, D. Quixote, A Noite, A Hora and others.

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In 1922 J. Carlos was appointed art director for all the publications of the O Malho group, a position he retained until 1930. In the 1930s he drew comic strips for O Tico-Tico, where he created the characters Melindrosa and Almofadinha.